Just One More (Book 2)

Just One More (BOOK 1) was no teaser. Author LaQuarn Michaels brought that HEAT to your fingertips. The Drama continues in Just One More (BOOK 2). This fast pace, urban tale picks up right where it ended. Follow the trail of C-Notes, and experience explosive revelations that will have you begging for more. Imagine having the world at your feet, to one day having the rug pulled right from beneath you. For Lou-Lou Dobbs, it was about the zip code. Five digits separated the Haves and the Have-Nots. Custom built homes, foreign cars, and the highest diamond grade was most important. When pitched a spiked curve ball, she maneuvers her way towards the next set of deep pockets. Jazzman Bridges refused to sacrifice her son’s lifestyle. Recently laid off from her executive position, her bills have quadrupled. She’s one bad decision away from the welfare line. Back to square one meant downsizing and living amongst the needy. A golden nugget is tossed their way, but both ladies know that a piece of the stake won’t satisfy their pockets. They conjure a master plan to steal millions, slaughtering anything in their path.

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