Just One More (Book 1)

Whoever said less was more just wasn’t used to having anything. For best friends Lou-Lou and Jazzman, enough is never enough. Life offered them financial progression, but with the recent downturn in the economy, shelling back seems to be the new trend. At first glance, Lou-Lou Dobbs knew Bradley was her meal ticket to living the glamorous life. Capitalizing on the moment to upgrade her lifestyle, she sweetened her game, and before long earned the keys to the New York Estate with her lockdown finger dripped in ice. Plans to become his leading lady came to a screeching halt when the finance industry crashed and burned, leaving wealthy fiancé Bradley penniless. Jazzman Bridge’s whole reason for living called her Mommy. Jacob is her world, so trading in the bubble coat and fitted jeans for a more refined image was a no brainer. After years of grinding her way up the corporate ladder, she’s laid off. With her executive position a thing of the past, private school tuition and mortgage due every month, she’s desperate for a solution. Since broke is against their religion, and begging is a flat out sin, Lou-Lou and Jazzman bring their burners out of retirement. This ferocious New York duo is back in the highly anticipated sequel to The Last One. Experience their pulse pounding, gut-wrenching journey filled with deception, corruption, lust, murder and mayhem. Every second counts. Every decision crucial. Just One More move can ultimately be their last.

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