A Cognac Christmas

In frigid upstate New York, the Browns are preparing for the best time of the year. Their 100-acre property is blanketed in deep layers of snow, and it’s looking like a Winter Wonderland. Rosemary and Clifford are dreaming of a magical Christmas. The lights are twinkling. The fireplace is blazing and the delightful aroma of vanilla and nutmeg permeates the air. Their three children and grandchildren are coming home for the holidays, and tension is already brewing. The last family get-together was a complete disaster, but Rosemary is determined to reconnect and restore love.The Brown family must survive each other for 72 hours; at least that’s the plan. There are several loose threads in the fabric and a few wild cards in the deck. Can the magic of Christmas bring peace, love, and harmony amongst the Browns? Each book from The Brown Family series is a standalone novella and can be read in any order. Pick one and enjoy. Happy Reading!!!

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